Sharon Long uses our Senior Horse herbal supplement for her horse Skimberley.  This is their story:

Sharon Long & 17 year old Skimberley"

"My name is Sharon Long, I'm 45 years old and I've been riding since I was six. I grew up in the country and all I ever knew was farming and horses so I was in the Pony Club and did the normal local shows and so-on, although I preferred show-jumping and did a bit of affiliated competition. I worked on various yards - hunting and racing - as well as a stud yard as well as a racing yard.

I gave up riding for a few years but took it up again after I was married and had my son and I did quite a lot of show-jumping and showing during this period. In 1997 we moved to Norfolk, as my husband was in the forces, and I started doing cross country and the occasional unaffiliated one day event. I then had a riding accident and totally lost all confidence and sold the horse I had at the time - although he has gone on to a fantastic endurance horse he was just not a show jumper.

After some time searching for another horse I eventually came across Skimberley as a four year old who had just come over from Holland. I bought him to do no more than hack and a bit of dressage, however, despite his less-than-perfect conformation, and with the help of my new instructor we went on to do some BE events and show-jumping.

In 2011 he fractured his pedal bone and X-rays taken at the time also showed arthritis in both joints so I was advised he would only sound enough for hacking. Despite being deemed an insurance write-off I felt owed him a lot, hence I wanted to do the best by him so I put him on Senior Horse, from Hilton Herbs, and he has defied veterinary science by being more than just a hack as this picture shows!"