A big thank you to Hilton herbs who supported and sponsored two of our classes at our Charity Horse show on 26th May 2014. 

The show was held at Hillview Riding centre, Crewkerne, Somerset and was held in aid of two charities.  Ferne Animal Sanctuary which is a local charity for animals and Ups and Downs, which is a charity that supports children and young persons with Downes syndrome. Both are fantastic and well deserving charities. 

The show was held for livery customers only and started at 9am with a number of showing classes, starting with Best Turned out. Two of the classes were supported by Hilton Herbs, these being the Coloured Horse or Pony and Best Veteran – aged over 15yrs. Hilton Herbs provided beautiful prizes in kind including shampoos for the Coloured class and supplements and massage rubs for the Veteran class.  Following the showing classes a championship was held and then a short break, during which the competitors were able to replenish their energy and the horses too.

 Following the break a number novelty classes were held, including a new class to our event, entitled Best Six Legs and this was held to try and get the supporters involved. The horses were dressed up together with the handler. There were some extremely funny performances, one of which has been sent to You've Been Framed!  We are hoping that it will be aired then we can raise more money for our charities.

As well as the horse show, we had a number of small stalls, including a tombola, raffle and some games for our younger supporters. Chips and burgers were also available. 

We were also supported by Anna Birch who has just written a book called ' Call the Vet'.  She judged two of our novelty classes and was available to do book signing.

All in all it was a fantastic day and we were able to raise £2,200 for our charities. Our events are continuing throughout the year, including another smaller charity show at the end of August. We will then have a grand total at the end of the year. 

Hillview riding centre would like to thank Hilton Herbs for their sponsorship and support during the show. 

Colette Rousell