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Easy Mare

For Balanced Hormones

(Average 5/5)
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Formulated to maintain & support:

  • A balanced hormonal system and a calm steady outlook
  • For mares, 'riggy' geldings and working stallions
  • Physical comfort for mares

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Easy Mare for horses, ponies and donkeys is formulated to maintain and support:

  • a balanced hormonal system
  • a calm and steady outlook
  • young mares finding their seasons uncomfortable
  • 'riggy' or unwanted gelding behaviour

Easy Mare is a dry supplement containing herbs such as vitex agnus castus and valerian which can help support a mare's normal 21 day cycle. It can be useful for very young or those in poor condition, who can exhibit excessive behavioral and physical signs when they are in season. Early spring can be a difficult time of year and yard changes such as the introduction of youngstock or new geldings can also create behavioral changes, although this can be given throughout the year if required. Its liquid equivalent, Easy Mare Gold , is often used first due to its quicker initial absorption (we do not suggest to give both together).

For more general support of anxious behavior try our Calm & Collected range instead.




Vitex agnus castus seed (aka Monks Pepper seed & Chasteberry seed)

Valerian root

Milk Thistle seed

Chamomile flowers

Cramp Bark

Vervain herb

Yarrow herb

  • Add to the feed on a daily basis, where possible splitting the required amount between two feeds.
  • A 50ml scoop is included in the bag and full instructions will be found on the packaging.  
  • Please allow up to a month for full benefits to be seen.
  • In time, you may find the amount fed can be lowered.
  • Animals are individuals, often a lower maintenance amount will be sufficient for long-term use.

If you have any concerns about your animal's health please contact your vet immediately.  If you have any queries about using this product, or if your animal is pregnant, please contact our Helpline 0800 052 3672 (Freephone) or email

One of the ingredients in this mix is a herb called Vitex agnus castus which is the seed from a Mediterranean shrub that looks exactly like a small grey/black peppercorn.  This description accounts for its other names - Chaste Tree Berry or Monk's Pepper and the herb acquired this name in Medieval times when it was used in the monasteries to reduce libido in the young amorous novices!

This seems to have done the trick for a 14 year old mare who had 2 foals before we had her and knew what it was all about in a field with my slightly riggy gelding! Anyway to start with I actually put both on it and now things have subdued (hopefully for the rest of the summer) I have just left her on it. The calm & collected wasn't doing enough but when we worked out it was probably more Spring hormones we switched to this. A big help!

- HBT, 14/07/2020

Using on my gelding and it seems to be helping, preferred the previous name of Equilibrium Gold as I would not have normally picked up a bottle referring to a mare.

- G Crawford, 12/06/2020

Fantastic product my previously unrideable mare when in season is now an angel all year round, clearly much more comfortable, and less stressed.

- Miss E Behegan, 08/06/2020

Good evening, I would like to express to you how happy and grateful I am with your product Easy Mare! Now before I jump into this review I’d like to say that I’ve owned geldings my entire life and have never had a mare so hormones being whacked out is something I’d never consider. I have a 16.3 hh 23 year old OTTB mare that was nervous, nuts, and just extremely hard to handle. I couldn’t take her away from any male may it be a gelding or stud without her freaking out. I couldn’t take her around any male without her peeing every 5 seconds or trying to figure out a way to break into their paddock. She HATED other mares, especially if they where around the other male she was around. She would kick, bite, and rear may it be around other mares or just around humans. Riding her was horrendous because she would blow and start rearing and freaking out, or would constantly being whinnying. There’s a ton more things she would do and she honestly became unsafe. But every since she’s been on easy mare she has been a completely different horse, she is the safest and most docile horse I’ve ever been around. I wanted say how entirely grateful I am! You guys supplement is the first one I tried and will be the last one! Thank you for having this and giving people the opportunity to buy it with a reasonable price! Sincerely, A very happy mare owner

- Isabella Fisher, 14/05/2019

My Arab mare got difficult to handle when a very attractive gelding came to the stable. She was not able to catch from the field and started running whenever people approached the field and all the horses where difficult to catch because of her. Her mood just got worse. When riding all the signals we gave her she wouldn't react to. Even if she wanted to run, when you said it was ok, she just changed her mind and start to go backwards. She backed down a small ditch with me on her back, and we almost fell over backwards. This scared me so I stopped riding her! I was afraid she would injur herself or me! And it even got worse. When you approached her stable or field she ran after you with her ears back and her teeth out. She was really trying to get a piece of you!! So I started her on Easy Mare and persisted in feeding her both the dried and the liquid and put her in a different herd. This and the Easy mare saved my horse!! After 3 months she was herself again!! I kept her going on Easy Mare for another 6 months and have not had any problems with her moods, since we stopped using Easy Mare! Thank you so much for a great product and for turning my Arab princess back to a princess again and not the witch she became! Susanne (Norway)

- Susanne Sveen Nesfeldt, 21/07/2013

The mare I use the Easy Mare with had been having other supplements for a while, she has gone on to your product without any fuss and there has not been any imbalance to her behaviour, although I would say she seems ‘cheeky’ at the moment, not naughty or nasty, but just jolly, I would like to think she is happy!

- Linda Courtney, 04/09/2013

After trying several different "calming" supplements on my excitable 4 yr. gelding, I called the Helpline and asked a few questions. Who would have thought that Easy Mare would work on my gelding! If you read the product, it can support geldings who are stallion like....that's him! I have seen a big difference in his mood/behavior when out riding around other horses. He will stay on this until he grows out of this obnoxious streak! Thank you

- Mrs Chievely, 10/10/2012

I started using it on my TB mare in spring - seems to have taken the edge off, she is more relaxed and less spooky when we ride outside.

- Maggie Covington, 10/10/2012

"I have a very moody mare. This product has helped her feel better which has helped her mood greatly. She is the same mare all the time now. no more guessing if she is in a good mood today or not."

- Sally Richmond, 10/10/2012

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