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09 March

Cats & Dogs: Preparing for the arrival of spring

author image Manon Brulé Manon Brulé
Cats & Dogs: Preparing for the arrival of spring image

Soon enough we’ll all be celebrating the arrival of Spring: Sunny days, blossoming trees, lambs playing in the fields and lighter evenings… So many things to put a smile on our face and make us forget about the wet and cold winter.
However, as much as we get ready for winter most of us forget that we also need to be prepared for spring: our four-legged friends can be affected by allergies, insects, and the warmer weather… but don’t panic! Here are a few tips to help you keep your animal(s) happy and healthy this spring.

1) Protect them from insects and other critters

When spring arrives, so do the parasites. We suggest that you keep to your regular flea treatment, as their presence can increase in warmer weather. Make sure to look out for ticks as they don’t only feed on the blood of your pet, they also carry dangerous diseases like Lyme or the Piroplasmosis. Ticks can be found in any habitat … Almost everywhere your dog or cat likes to have a run and play! Ask your vet for an anti-parasite treatment that is suitable for your animal and don’t forget to get a Tick-Twister. Don’t forget to look out for other critters such as mosquitos and Processionary Caterpillars (the hairy ones!) as their hair can be venomous. For any stings, cuts or inflammation, use our Phytobalm cream to support the skin’s healing process. 

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2) Be aware of seasonal allergies

Just like us our pets can be very sensitive to pollen. The symptoms of a pollen allergy vary from itching and sneezing to loss of hair or even asthma. If your pet is displaying any of these symptoms make sure you talk to your vet first. Your vet may run some tests to allow them to find a suitable treatment, so your animal can have a pain and stress-free spring. You could also try our Top Coat and Bye Bye Itch Lotion to promote healthy skin and hair regrowth.

3) Watch out for toxins

When the days get longer, and the temperature gets higher we all love spending time outside with our animals. However, as animal owners we must look out for plants or products that can be poisonous. Make sure your cat or dog doesn’t ingest any chemical weeding spray/ product or fertilizer. Some plants such as the lily of the valley or the rhododendron can be toxic. Bulbs can also be very toxic, try and not let your pet play with them.

Don’t hesitate to brush and groom your animal more often as with the better weather they will start to moult. This will also enable you to check for hidden parasites and wounds under the coat. Domestic accidents unfortunately happen too often each year so be very careful – especially with cats – when you open the windows and around your swimming pool or barbecue!

Be careful and safe, but more than anything make the most of the season ahead and enjoy it with your four-legged friends!

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author image About Manon Brulé Manon Brulé

Manon previously worked within the horse-racing industry in Newmarket but prior to that has travelled extensively and worked in various equine-related sectors both here and abroad. She also brings her extensive equestrian and canine knowledge which is invaluable in helping the company’s French-speaking customers.

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