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10 November

Box Rest

author image Manon Brulé Manon Brulé
Box Rest image

Did your horse recently get injured and needs a period of box rest as well as daily treatments and/or bandages? Are you wondering how you will be able to keep him or her calm and occupied during the day? These are exactly the questions I asked myself three months ago when my horse decided to walk on a nail which infected the pedal bone.

Don’t panic, Hilton Herbs are here to give you some advice to help you through this unpleasant journey… And if it’s of any consolation, remember that horses are fascinating creatures who can show a lot of resilience!


1. Boredom games and hay, always more hay!

We all know, in the wild horses are constantly moving in order to find food. Therefore, locking them up in a stable for a long period of time can be stressful and confusing for them. Make sure they are kept busy during their recovery: if possible give them ad-lib hay in hay nets – it’ll take them longer to eat it. Tie a swede to a string and hang it up in the stable, your horse will love trying to nibble it. Apple bobbing  is also a great game that my horse loved! Boredom balls and a good salt lick are also a must. You can find all sorts of tips and games online to help your horse when he’s on box rest , so make the most of it!

2. Try to avoid leaving your horse on his own

Once again, we are all aware that horses are social animals. While he’s recovering and resting, your horse will enjoy having some company and activity around him: if possible, make sure he is next to other horses and somewhere in the yard where there is movement so he doesn’t feel lonely and abandoned. Having the radio on can also be a good idea and some horses are very responsive to it!


3. Develop your relationship with your horse

 We know this situation is far from being ideal, we know this. However, this ‘down time’ may also be an opportunity to reinforce the bond between you and your horse? Don’t hesitate to give him more attention than usual, groom him more often, give him massages… If possible, try to spend some quality time with him even if it means more time and effort. At the end of the day, why not make this difficult period a bit sweeter for the both of you?

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author image About Manon Brulé Manon Brulé

Manon previously worked within the horse-racing industry in Newmarket but prior to that has travelled extensively and worked in various equine-related sectors both here and abroad. She also brings her extensive equestrian and canine knowledge which is invaluable in helping the company’s French-speaking customers.

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