We all love to see a well-behaved Dog, listening attentively to its owner’s voice, relaxed and under control.  Sadly, we often find this is not the case and despite our best efforts, can find our Dog may become stressed, un-coperative or fearful.  There are many ways we can seek help including a good training class, correct feeding and exercise, but if you still find your Dog is ...

  • A Show Dog that has had a bad experience in the ring
  • Terrified of loud noises, thunder or fireworks
  • A " rescue"  that has lost trust in people
  • Hyper-active and just won't calm down
  • Tense, nervous or shy
  • Unpredictable

In our "Nerves & Hormone" section, you will find both dried and liquid herbal supplements to help support your Dog whether it is a nervous show animal or an over-exciteable pet, hormonal bitch or new rescue looking for a loving home.

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