The Bach Flower Remedy range for animals are formulated to help soothe and support horses, dogs, cats and other pets. These flower essences are indispensable for use in both the home and stable, and have been designed to help with emotional concerns such as fear, stress, anxiety, jealousy, failure to learn from previous mistakes, attention seeking, lack of confidence, bereavement and many other emotions. There are 38 individual remedies available as well as the famous Recovery Remedy which is regarded as an " all purpose comforter", and is a “ must have” for handbags and first aid kits. To help owners decide which is the most appropriate remedy for their particular animal’s needs, there are a number of excellent books available providing details on each of the flower remedies and suggestions on their application for horses, dogs, cats, and even fish!

The selected flower remedy can be administered by adding it to your animal or pets drinking water or food, adding to a water spray and misted over the animals coat, or dropped directly into the mouth. We source our Bach Flower Remedies from Ainsworths Homeopathic Chemist.

With a huge range available there is a Bach Remedy for your animal here. If you need any help in choosing the right Bach Flower Remedy please do get in touch.

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