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Airways Gold

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Airways Gold

Airway Golds : respiratory maintenance.

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This product will help your birds maintain a strong and natural resistance to allergens, airborne irritants, or bacterial and fungal infections.

A healthy respiratory system is absolutely vital if your poultry and birds are going to thrive.  Airways Gold is the natural way to help maintain healthy and efficient airways, sinuses and overall respiratory function.

Containing herbs with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties to help maintain resistance to airborne irritants and infections.

This mix is particularly recommended for use when air quality is reduced, or if several birds are housed in close quarters.

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Contains: 1:3 tinctures of Elecampane root, Liquorice root, Eyebright herb, Cleaver herb, Marshmallow leaf, Plaintain leaf, Thyme herb & Apple cider vinegar.

Directions for use : Shake well.

Add 20 drops (1ml) to 100ml of drinking water or 10ml to every 1 litre of drinking water.


Add 10ml to every 1kg of corn/feed, *mix well and leave to dry and then feed.

You can also add other dry supplements at this stage*