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Natural Healthy Herbal  Horse Treat
400 g Bag
2 kg Tub

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400 g Bag2 kg TubHilton Herballs - the ultimate horse treat! *BEST SELLER*
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Hilton Herballs - the ultimate horse treat! *BEST SELLER*

No molasses or added sugars so "suitable for horses or ponies prone to laminitis".

Don't just take our word for it, read our customer reviews!

Star Rating 5  12 Reviews

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The most natural way to give your horse a treat.  Our fantastically tasty Herballs are completely free from molasses, artificial sugar and flavourings making them "Suitable for horses or ponies prone to Laminitis".  Remember it’s not just horses and ponies that love Herballs, our customers use them to reward their dogs, llamas and even chinchillas!              Click here to see our Physio and Stretching demonstration  video.


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Miriam Edwards
We have been buying Herballs for several years - they are the only 'treat' we trust to use with our holistic approach to feeding, as they have no artificial or undesirable additives. We use homeopathic remedies where appropriate but as the horses spit out the small 'pips' we now use liquid, and the drops soak really well onto a Herball! What always amuses us is when the 10kg bags arrive, with a use-by date of about 18 months ahead ... as if they would last that long!!!
Star Rating 5
Jo Titman
These are the best treats ever. Knowing that they are healthy is a real advantage, my chap loves them. The only problem is so do all the others and I can't leave them out so I do have to buy more. The hard to catch pony is now my best friend as well!
Holie, Suffolk
"I purchased these treats for my horse after I found out he is borderline insulin resistant. I really wanted to watch his sugar intake and regular horse treats are loaded with sugar. These treats are great since they are sugar free. My horse is spoiled so not giving treats made me feel bad. I can feel good about giving these. They are small so great to use as a training reward. I buy them in the big bucket and they last a while. I highly recommend these treats!!"
Star Rating 4
All the horses at my stable love these. Even the sceptical picky eaters will eat these and ask for more! I love that they are safe for the IR and Cushings horses and ponies and that they are healthy. My hafling cross mare will literally turn herself inside-out to get to these! She loves her food and I can feel good knowing she can have a few each day and It won't cause a sugar overload. They make a great reward, my dog even likes to munch on them! Bottom line these are THE best treats for horses money can buy and the best part is they are actually healthy for them! No junk or filler here!"
Star Rating 5
Cathryn, Worcs
These smell super yummy, I can see why people say they smell like pizza. My horse loves them, and so do all her neighbors. Haven't come across any horses that wouldn't eat this treat. The list of ingredients is so short and i can recognize EVERYTHING on that list. No mystery chemicals, just a healthy treat. btw: they taste exactly how they smell
Star Rating 5
Emmy Taylor, Wales
These have quickly climbed to the top of the list for favorite treats! I have not seen my horse so enthusiastic about a treat in a long time. AND, the great part about these is that I can actually feel good about giving them to him. I will buy some for my friend's horse for Christmas. They are the perfect size and fit easily into my pocket This has become a staple in my tack box!
Star Rating 5
"My nearly 26 year old mare LOVES these treats. She is insulin resistant and needs sugar-free treats. These give her a reward for all her hard work. They smell just like my spice rack. It's hard to find sugar free treats that aren't too hard. She has other treats that she also enjoys but I will buy these again to mix it up."
Star Rating 5
"I am so happy I found something I can give to my IR/EMS horse and not have to worry.
Star Rating 5
"My horse loves these and so do I ! Best treats in the world!"
Star Rating 5
Alexa Crook
Herballs are the best motivators I have found for my horses, I buy them in 10kg bags which makes them excellent value and they are worth every penny. They do not go off, break up or go soggy so last for ages. I am particularly delighted that my pony can eat them without me having to worry. I would not be without these.
Star Rating 5
You were extremely helpful to me before Christmas and sent out two 2kg. tubs of Herballs with amazing speed. I thought you might like to see how much my pony appreciated his Christmas present (PHOTO SENT IN). If he could have got his head in that tub, he would have devoured the whole lot. As it is, he is rationed to a few per day, much to his disappointment. Thank you again for your help Jane Bates (and Shiloe)
Star Rating 5
Emma Drabble
Our little family Cob Jack, will do anything for these minty balls. His work ethic and attitude is amazing when he knows a treat will come at the end of a work out. He trots over from the field ( the others watch him trot past) and he even turns down a full haylage rack for a chance to come in and win a few of these! Thank you.
Star Rating 5

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Garlic, Mint herb, Oregano herb, Rosemary herb blended with Alfalfa, Linseed and Wheat Flour.

As a treat to reward good behaviour or whilst doing 'stretching' exercises.  Great for horses and ponies that are bad loaders or difficult to catch.  Herballs are a treat and not a complete feed. Click here for demonstration video.