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Soothing Viral Support

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Virex Cream (Thuja)

Viral support - use externally in conjunction with Equimmune and Equimmune Gold

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Calendula cream with cooling, soothing, drying and astringent Witch Hazel, Calendula oil and Thuja, the traditional herbal and homeopathic plant for helping to maintain a healthy resistance to viral infections. Virex (Thuja) cream is safe to use on even the most sensitive areas, will not harm even if ingested and should be applied once or twice daily.  Can be used alongside our Equimmune range for horses but if you need information regarding viral support supplements please contact the Helpline.  Also suitable for dogs.

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Kate Chandler
I've no doubt this cream in combination with the supplement contributed to aiding my horses immunity support within 3 months, along with daily application of VireX cream, and also was beneficial to her overall health - she glowed on it.
Star Rating 5
Janet Dodson
I started using the Virex cream alongside the Equimmune Gold on my mare.I am delighted with this result and would recommend these products. Many thanks Hilton Herbs for your help and advice.
Star Rating 5
Lorette Wickes
From actual experience I have found that the combination of using the Equimmune Immunity Formula alongside the VireX Cream really supported the healing process.
Star Rating 5
Emma Tomkinson
I canít thank you enough for the wonderful equimmune gold and virex cream products that I have used on my mare. Thank you so much Em
Star Rating 5
Carrie Wardhaugh
I nearly didn't buy my lovely horse Harvey because he had suspicious lumps and bumps around his sheath that the vet didn't like the look of.... Harvey ticked every other box and had already got under my skin so I decided to take the risk. I decided to try the Virex cream as a first option as I had already had excellent results with other Hiltons products. Harvey was not keen on having the cream applied, but I was amazed that in around a week his sheath was fine. I am totally convinced that Virex cream was an astounding success!
Star Rating 5

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Ingredients: Calendula Cream, Thuja, Calendula officinalis infused oil, Almond Oil, Hypericum perforatum oil, Witch Hazel




Apply sparingly once or twice per day.

The latin name for the Thuja tree is Arbor - vitae meaning the Tree of Life.