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Muscle Rub for Horses, Dogs and Others!

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Muscle Magic

An all-round muscle rub for horses and dogs!

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* This soothing easy to apply herbal lotion is just what is needed for use before, during and after strenuous exercise and is ideal for use in conjunction with massage or physiotherapy.  Originally formulated for our endurance horses to help at Vet Gates, we now use this great lotion on all our horses, dogs and others !

*Contains Arnica tincture so should not be used on open wounds.


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Lesley Perkins
I cannot praise this product enough and use it on my dog before and after her hydrotherapy swims ! First discovered this wonderful product several years ago. My dog was massaged with this cream daily and it does both of us good. It also smells nice and very relaxing.
Star Rating 5
My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Darcy needed mobility support. I have used Muscle Magic before and after his walks, (even very short walks) as it was cold and damp weather. I think it worked very well, his vet was very pleased with him. Needless to say I still use it every day.
Star Rating 5
Caroline Hearn
Lovely product smells divine, I am an equine and canine sports massage therapist and found it lovely and light to use and did not become sticky or clogg the hairs. The horses loved it and wouldn`t stop smelling my hands after, must be the Lavender I think!
Star Rating 5
Caroline Bennetts
I recently purchased some Muscle Magic and wanted to say how fantastic I found the product. I am a massage therapist so I fully appreciate the value and benefit massage has on horses and how it helps to improve and repair the muscle system along with so many other benefits. I recently bought a sensitive grey arab that does not like deep tissue massage so I have to go gently. At the weekend he completed his first 42K GER ride at Southdowns where he worked hard up and down the hills and came home with a grade 2. When I got him back to the yard I thought I would treat him to a massage to ease his muscles, I applied the Muscle Magic and found he responded extremely well, I was able to massage a little deeper and after he was turned out and came back in later in the day, he felt great, no soreness and moving brilliantly. I appreciate that FEI riders would not be able to use this product due to the lavender but for the main number of endurance riders is a must for the kit! I found it easy to use and was not sticky or clogging, dried easily and left no residue. All in all a great product.
Star Rating 5

Contains: Acqueous cream base blended with generous quantities of Arnica tincture, Comfrey tincture, Lavender essential oil and Rosemary essential oil.


Simply massage in as required.

Contains Arnica tincture so should not be used on open wounds

Only the Arnica homeopathic preparation is safe for internal use.

Originally climbers in the Alps would eat the leaves of the Arnica plant if they had a fall or accident, but the plant can be toxic if ingested, so only ever use preparations containing Arnica tincture EXTERNALLY.