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Psyllium (Plantago Husks)

Psyllium Husks for horses

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Ground Psyllium Husks for horses Plantago ovata, (genus Plantago) to aid digestion esepcially in sandy soiled areas.

Please note your horse will require access to water at all times due to the Psyllium absorbing water when ingested.  It is also recommended that they are not unduly confined to their stable ie are at pasture for a good part of the day to enable proper digestion.

As with all of our " Straight" herbs, there are no directions for use on the the bag.  Please call or email our Helpline if you need any help.


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Pure Psyllium (Plantago Husks)

Horses DirectIons for Use : give as advised by your Vet.  As a general guideline it is recommended to give 2 to 3 x 15ml scoops per day for 7 days (one level 15ml scoop weighs 6 grams).

If necessary can be given for longer but be advised by your vet and repeat as necessary.  Ensure the horse is not unduly confined during this period (movement provides essential digestive function) and make sure the horse has access to water at all times.