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Herbal DeTox Mix
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2.Kg Refill Bag1Kg Refill BagDeTox
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For optimum support of the liver & kidneys

Daily cost = 74p : based on 3 level 50ml scoops/day

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A herbal 'detox' mix to help support and maintain healthy function of your horse or pony's liver, kidneys and digestion.  We particularly recommend using the DeTox range in the winter and spring, when access to pasture can be more restricted, when daily routines might change, or as part of your normal worming programme.  Several of our customers have reported getting great results when they used our DeTox or DeTox Gold for a month or so prior to using our Herb Power or Hoof & Health for helping maintain healthy coat and skin condition.  Please allow up to one month for full benefits to be seen.

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Angela Jackson
This Detox has been a fantastic tonic to our thoroughbred who was losing condition, not interested in eating, and generally ageing too quickly. Detox has been a great pick me up and he has regained condition, appetite and interest in eating generally. Money well spent, and will continue to do so on this product.
Star Rating 5

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Ingredients: human-grade Milk Thistle seed, Dandelion root, Burdock root, Cleaver herb, Nettle leaf, Liquorice root, Dandelion leaf.


Add DeTox to normal feed on a daily basis, if possible splitting the required amount between two feeds.  Liquid (Gold) supplements could be given direct into the mouth (by way of a syringe) which can be more practical if your horse or pony does not get hard feed.  Full instructions will be found on the packaging or in our VIDEO GUIDE but if you have any queries please do contact our Helpline for more information.  The quantity of product added to your horse or pony's feed can be slightly increased or decreased, depending on the circumstances as, like humans, all horses & ponies are individuals.  Very often a lower maintenance amount, will be sufficient for a horse or pony that is going to be kept on the herbs long-term.

Directions for use (making an allowance for type) : 50ml scoop included

Up to 12.2hh : 1 scoop daily
12.2hh to 14.2hh: 2 scoops daily
14.2hh to 15.2hh : 3 scoops daily
15.2hh to 16.2hh : 4 scoops daily
16.2hh+ : 4 to 5 scoops daily

If you have any queries at all please do contact our Helpline 0800 294 1250 (Freephone) or email for more information.

One of Burdocks country names is " Beggar's Buttons" this is because the fruiting seed heads of the plant are so prickly and clingy, they can be used to fasten two pieces of cloth together. It is said that the inventor of Velcro got the idea from the Burdock seed heads!