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Seaweed Pure Kelp Meal

Seaweed Pure Kelp Meal

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Our pure seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) is collected from deep waters and provides a rich source of naturally balanced vitamins, minerals and trace elements.  It is an ideal supplement for general health, supports skin tone and condition, and enhances depth of coat colour.  Also consider for Equines our Hoof and Health with added Rosehips or for dogs our Canine Seaweed and Rosehip.

See "How do I use it" for feeding guidelines as straight herbs do not come with any directions or with a scoop.


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Ascophyllum nodosum

There will be no feeding instructions on this product.  Add to feed and split the amount between two feeds where feasible.  Allow up to three weeks for benefits to be seen with straight herbs.  Do contact the Helpline if you are unsure or would like further advice on which herb or supplement to feed.

Horses : give one to two 15ml scoops per day.

Dogs : Half - 1 x 2.5 ml scoop daily or use Canine Seaweed & Rosehip.