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Garlic for Health

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Garlic Oil Pearls

Garlic for health

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Pure Garlic oil in capsule form, Each of our capsules contains 1.05 mg of garlic oil.  Rich in bio-available sulphur, oil and B group vitamins.  Garlic is known for its ability to support and maintain a healthy digestive and respiratory system. Ideal for owners and dogs who prefer an “odour free” way of feeding garlic.  NB Our garlic capsules are made from Gelatine

Dogs: 1 to 2 for small dogs, 2 to 3 for medium size dogs and 4 for large dogs


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Gelatine capsules containing 1.05 mg of garlic oil

Garlic was used in the First World War as an antiseptic and anti biotic for the injured soldiers and soldiers in the trenches. It was not until late in the second WW that penicillin first started to be used as an anti biotic.