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Eyebright Tincture

Eyebright Herb (Euphrasia officinalis)

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Eyebright Herb Tincture 1:3 45%

With regard to our tincture preparation, we use a traditional method : the plant material (herb, flower, root) is macerated (steeped) in ethyl alcohol (from fermented sugar beet) and water over several weeks : the ratio of water to alcohol varies depending on whether the plant's constituents/active ingredients are water soluble or alcohol soluble. 

 At the end of this maceration, the plant material is pressed and the liquid containing all the vital active constituents is poured off. 

 Many of our tinctures are 1 : 3 : that is 1 part of the plant material to 3 parts liquid.

 The % denotes the percentage of alcohol to water in the liquid part of the tincture.

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Eyebright Herb (Euphrasia officinalis) 1:3 45%

There will be no feeding instructions on this product.  Add to feed and split the amount between two feeds where feasible.  Allow up to three weeks for benefits to be seen with straight herbs.  Do contact the Helpline if you are unsure or would like further advice on which herb or supplement to feed.  Often supplements do give better all round support.


Horse : dried herb give 20 to 30 grams daily (or Tincture 10 to 20mls daily)


Dog : give 1ml to 2ml per 10kg bodyweight twice daily (dried herbs are not suitable to give to dogs)


Eye Bath : To make an eye bath, place approx 10 grams of dried Eyebright into a pan, pour over 200mls of water and bring to the boil, simmering for up to five minutes.  Cool and strain the mixture well (use muslin).  The resulting liquid can be used to bathe the eye(s) up to three times a day as required.  The liquid will keep for a couple of days if kept cool in the fridge or you can make up fresh each time.


Tincture : You can use Eyebright Tincture to make an eyebath : add a teaspoon to 200mls of hot boiling water, leave to cool and use as above.  It needs to be hot/boiling to burn off the alcohol, which is why most owners favour the dried herb for a wash.


Eyes are an extremely delicate part of the body and your vet should always be consulted.