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For optimum digestive balance
1Kg Refill Bag

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1Kg Refill BagGastri X Digestive Formula
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Gastri X Digestive Formula

Helps maintain optimum digestive health - naturally!

"Suitable for horses or ponies prone to laminitis"

Daily cost = £1.70 : based on 3 level 50ml scoops/day

Star Rating 5  7 Reviews

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A soothing and supportive herbal supplement for horses specifically formulated to maintain a healthy digestive system and Ph  balance. When a horse is competing, working at high levels of fitness, travelling or on high protein diets, it may lose condition, appear 'tucked up' or fail to gain condition.  On these occasions consider using Gastri X especially if your horse has limited turnout or access to pasture or generally has little opportunity to relax and 'be a horse'.  Ideally all healthy horses should have some turnout every day.  When horses are put under pressure they may well have difficulty in maintaining a healthy and balanced digestive system and gut health.

Please allow at least a month for full benefits to be seen and changes in management may well need to be put in places to avoid re-occurence.  We also recommend using Gastri X in conjunction with your regular worming programme.

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kirsty vicary
my pony was lethargic and I put him on gastix. He is now back to his old self so thank u so much for making such a brilliant product ive used hilton herbs products for years and will carry on as there the best of the best thank u.x
Star Rating 5
My horse has always been a bit stressed when stabled despite ad lib forage, lots of turn out and a fibre only diet. After a particularly stressful summer, including a yard move, her levels escalated, suggesting that she was far from comfortable. After research, I decided to trial Gastri-X as it seemed to be the most comprehensive herbal supplement on the market. There is no doubt in my mind that it works, Candy is much happier, her stress levels have dropped significantly and her behaviour is also improved. Thank you.
Star Rating 5
Helen Gray
my daughters pony needed support for her mobility in the past and I had been recommended that I use gastriX, have kept her on this and touch wood so far haven't had any more signs.
Star Rating 5
Christina Worsley
Hi : Just wanted to say a massive thank you for having a great product in GastriX. I have been using the product since Nov/Dec 2011 and the change in my horse is unbelievable. He was having little bouts of being upset, very naughty when I rode him (which wasn't like him)and also bad tempered. He is now a changed horse !! Thanks again
Star Rating 5
I'm pleased to say that after two weeks on GastriX my 24 year-old TB is looking much happier.
Star Rating 5
Susanne Sveen Nesfeldt
My pony has a problem with hay throughout the winter and is fine when he is on just grass in the summer. I tried almost everything I think and ended up with a blend of 3 different products to keep him fine. Until I tried GastriX!! He responded very quickly to it and so when he's back at the stable I now know what to give him through the winter!!! =)
Star Rating 5
Emma Baker
Brilliant product and well worth the money! My mare has needed stomach and hind gut support for months. This has really helped us turn a corner and she is so much happier to be rugged and tacked up.
Star Rating 5

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Ingredients: Human-grade Slippery Elm, Marshmallow root, Meadowsweet herb, Cramp Bark stem bark, Milk Thistle seed, Liquorice root, Gotu Kola leaf.


Our herbal supplements are added to the feed on a daily basis, if possible splitting the required amount between two feeds.  Our liquid supplements could be given direct into the mouth (by way of a syringe) which can be useful if no feed is given during the Summer months.  Full instructions will be found on the packaging or in our VIDEO GUIDE but if you have any queries please do contact our Helpline for more information.  The quantity of product added to your horse or pony's feed can be slightly increased or decreased, depending on the circumstances as, like humans, all horses & ponies are individuals.  Very often a lower maintenance amount, will be sufficient for a horse or pony that is going to be kept on the herbs long-term.

Directions for use: (making an allowance for type) :

Up to 12.2hh : 1 scoop daily
12.2hh to 14.2hh: 2 scoops daily
14.2hh to 15.2hh : 3 scoops daily
15.2hh to 16.2hh : 4 scoops daily
16.2hh+ : 4 to 5 scoops daily

Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra) is one of the herbs included in this formulation. Slippery Elm is made from the inner bark of the Red Elm Tree, and contains a constituent called mucilage. It is one of the principle cooling herbs in the herbal Materia Medica and is used both internally and externally for its excellent properties.

If you mix a small amount of Slippery Elm powder with a little water you will end up with something that looks remarkably like wallpaper paste, imagine how beneficial this consistency is for the digestive system. The beauty of this herb is that it is can be given to the very young and very old, both human and animal.