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Garlic Granules - Garlic for health
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Garlic Granules

Food-grade Garlic granules for general health

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Pure food-grade garlic granules, rich in bio-available sulphur, oil and B group vitamins, to help maintain general health and support a healthy immune system. Owners may find the granules more suitable for fussy animals as they have a less 'garlicky' smell than the powder.

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100% Pure cold-pressed food-grade dehydrated garlic granules

Horses: 1-2 15ml scoops per day

Dogs: A quarter to one half teaspoon per day for large breed dogs.  For medium and small breeds we recommend giving the same quantity every other day or perhaps 5 days out of 7. Some customers give this daily, others every other day, and some 5 days out of seven, whichever suits.
Garlic powder or Garlic pearls are the easiest way to give garlic to your dog and unless you own a large breed dog then granules would be more palatable than flakes.

Will my horse eat garlic?
Our garlic is pure, food-grade garlic and as such is quite strong-smelling.  As with anything new we recommend introducing it gradually, ideally associate it with something like sugar beet that will act as a 'carrier' until your horse gets used to the taste and smell of the garlic.  Particularly fussy animals may prefer the garlic granules or even the garlic flakes.

Garlic (Allium sativum)
Garlic was one of the ingredients in ‘thieves' vinegar'. This was a concoction used by the poor individuals press-ganged into burying victims of the ‘Black Death' in an effort to protect themselves!

Our Garlic Flakes are great for cooking!  Use sparingly to replace sliced fresh garlic in stews, marinades and for pan-frying.