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Herbal Immunity Support

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Immune Support

Supporting Strong Immunity


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Dogs may occasionally need extra support to help maintain a healthy and efficient immune system and response.  Our easy-to-feed pure herbal formula is rich in Echinacea purpurea root, plus other herbs known for their ability to support and maintain a healthy immune system.  Use at any time you feel your dog's immunity may be under pressure.                    Click here to see our Immunity Support video.

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Liz Lewin
My Collie is on the Canine Immunity Plus during the winter months and the Canine Mobility just as a maintenance as she can be very active (currently curled up asleep on the settee !!)
Star Rating 5
Maria Lockley
I have used Immunity Plus before and feel that it does help dogs who need extra immunity support, especially after worming or a course of antibiotics. On this occasion, the order was for one of my greyhounds, who is ten years old and has had a longstanding immunity issue. When he gets a bit low, the skin around his mouth is affected and a course of Immunity Plus really helps. He can also be a slightly finnicky eater but he takes it in his food with no trouble at all.
Star Rating 5

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Contains: Fine-cut Echinacea purpurea root, Milk Thistle Seed, Gotu Kola leaf, Nettle leaf, Liquorice root, Cleaver herb, Rosehip shells, and Kelp

Directions for use:  There is a 2.5ml scoop inside each bag.

Full instructions will be found on the packaging or in our VIDEO GUIDE but if you have any queries please do contact our Helpline for more information.

Add to dog's feed on a daily basis, dividing the required amount between two meals where possible for best results.  Introduce slowly, especially if your dog has not had supplements before and allow up to four weeks for benefits to be seen.

5 kg - ½  x 2.5ml scoop per day -125g bag will last approx 6 plus months

10 kgs - 1 x 2.5ml scoop per day - 125g bag will last approx 4 months

20 kgs - 2 x 2.5 ml scoops per day -125g bag will last approx 2 months

30 kgs - 3 x 2.5 ml scoops per day -125g bag will last approx 6 weeks

40 kgs - 4 x 2.5ml scoops per day -  125g bag will last approx 1 month

50 kgs - 6 x 2.5 ml scoops per day - 125g bag will last approx 20 days

The active constituents of Echinacea ( Echinacosides) are found in greatest concentration in the root of the plant. This is why it is important when you buy a herbal supplement for your dog, your horse or yourself you ensure that the Echinacea in the product is the root rather than the aerial parts of the plant which,  although much cheaper contain very low concentrations of Echinacosides.