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CDRM - Neurological and Pelvic Support

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CDRM Solution

CDRM - to support neurological and pelvic health

Approx cost per day = 24p*

* ( assuming 20 kg dog on 4 ml daily)

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Formulated originally for a Veterinary Surgeon to help support his clients' German Shepherd dogs, this is a pure tincture mix containing herbs known for their ability to support the dog's pelvic area, nervous, musculo–skeletal and circulatory systems.

This supplement can be easily added to the dog's daily food and we often suggest to our customers they start the dog on the lower quantity as this may be all that is required.  Owners can increase the quantity if it is felt the dog needs more support.

Many of our customers use the CDRM Solution in conjunction with our Canine Mobility support, Senior Dog or Canine Releaf Gold.



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Ann Jones
Not having had a dog that needed neurological support before. I started Tess my German Shepherd r on this herbal supplement. She also started daily Shiatsu, and physiotherapy and I am amazed how well she is for a GS of her age 14 years and 6 months old. She still demands a walk in the morning of 45 mins and one of about 20 mins in the afternoon. She also still try's to play with her friends and her toys when the mood takes her.
Star Rating 5

Containing 1: 3 tinctures of Milk Thistle, St John’s Wort, Bilberry fruit, Astragalus, Yarrow and Horsetail.


Directions for use:

Full instructions will be found on the packaging or in our VIDEO GUIDE but if you have any queries please do contact our Helpline for more information.

Add to dog's feed on a daily basis, dividing the required amount between two meals where possible for best results.  Introduce slowly, especially if your dog has not had supplements before and allow up to four weeks for benefits to be seen.

                      Up to 5kg (11lb)            0.5 to 1ml twice daily (1 to 2 total)
                      10kg (22lb)                   1 to 2ml twice daily (2 to 4 total)
                      20kg (33lb)                   2 to 4ml twice daily (4 to 8 total)
                      30kg (44lb)                   3 to 6ml twice daily (6 to 12 total)
                      40kg+(88lb)                  4 to 8ml twice daily (8 to 16 total)

Horse tail - Equisetum arvense - is so named because the latin name comes from Equus - horse and Seta - tail. Horsetail contains huge amounts of silica, the Dutch call the plant Pewterwort, this is because in Holland it used to be used to polish pewter and tin because of its abrasive silica content.