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Pleasant smelling lotion to encourage hair re-growth and calm irritation to allergens
250ml bottle

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250ml bottleBye Bye Itch Lotion *BEST SELLER*
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Bye Bye Itch Lotion *BEST SELLER*

To support resistance to seasonal irritants in horses and ponies

Star Rating 5  8 Reviews

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This soothing, cooling, pleasant-smelling lotion has been extensively trialled and tested on horses and ponies throughout the UK. Click here to view the trial data.

Some horse or ponies are prone to seasonal skin irritation which can result in damage to the mane, tail, or sensitive areas of the body.  Bye Bye Itch lotion can be used anyware on the body and should be smoothed onto the appropriate area and massaged well in to help soothe irritation and encourage healthy hair re–growth.

We recommend using Bye Bye Itch lotion in conjunction with our Bye Bye Itch supplement.

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Can also be used on dogs - click here for video.


( 8 Reviews  |  Write a review )

Amanda Jones
I used the lotion in conjunction with the supplement and it worked really well, it has a really strong smell, you could easily mistake for fly repellent, I am sure it has a dual purpose!!! It is easy to apply and my stallion had no signs of irritation what so ever so it really must work!!
Star Rating 5
Margo Smith
My New Forest pony trialled the supplement and the lotion. For the first time ever I have a complete mane and tail, a little thinner maybe, but no bald patches and a much more comfortable pony. I found the lotion really helped calm any area and definately encouraged regrowth and condition. I have already ordered 4kg of the supplement and 1litre of the lotion ! Well worth a try, I can thoroughly recommend.
Star Rating 5
Lyn Ebdon
I used this lotion, as recommended, for the trial period and it has made a great difference to Pinocchio's mane and tail, which is where he had the greatest problem. I shall continue to use it in conjunction with the Bye Bye Itch supplement
Star Rating 4
Cathy Hall
A great product. My pony has not had to really use the bye bye itch lotion, he was miserable last year but has been on bye bye itch supplement since March 2012 and is now a happy comfortable horse!. It certainly works!
Star Rating 5
Tina eynon
I have used this product on my fell pony and just ordered more, guess that's a recommendation in itself,it is a.brilliant lotion and really does work wonders.
Star Rating 5
Jackie Sweeney
This is my 3rd summer with my Dales pony, Poppy. We started this spring with the cream and supplement and I'm thrilled with the results. She is not rubbing and it helps calm any irritation, what's more she loves the smell of the cream! Thanks Hilton Herbs for making summer easier!
Star Rating 5
Becky Ryland
I would just like to say what a fantastic product bye bye itch herb's and the lotion are. I was amazed at how instantly they worked when used together. Both of my horse's stopped rubbing their manes and tails immediately on application of the lotion. I have spent a lot of time and money on other products which have not worked. These products really do work straight away and their manes and tails are growing back nicely - thank you Hilton Herb's.
Star Rating 5
Angela Jackson
Easy to apply and smells very pleasant, results so far have been very promising, definitely worth a try to help my horses persistent itching and scratching.
Star Rating 5

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Contains: Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, MSM, Rosemary essential oil,Lemon Grass essential oil.

Apply to any affected area of the horses body, mane, tail, belly etc.

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