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Arnica1M/Ruta200/Rhus tox 1M Tablets

Homeopathic's for Horses

Type7 g Bottle
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A combination of  Arnica, Ruta Grav and Rhus Tox in tablet form. Ideal for use after strenuous exercise.

Combination of Arnica1M, Ruta 200c, Rhus tox 1M homeopathic in tablet form.

Homeopathic's should be given into a clean mouth, away from food and without touching the tablet yourself wherever possible : see How Do I Use It

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Combination of Arnica1M, Ruta 200c, Rhus tox 1M homeopathic potentised Tablets in a glass vial 7g (average content 50+)


Special combination of three high potency Remedies in two forms : Tablet and Liquid.

General Guidelines: correct potency depends on many factors: condition, triggers, symptoms, animal’s characteristics, modalities (what makes symptoms better/worse) and the Remedy (one tablet or ten drops) is the same regardless of size, weight, age, breed or species of animal.  6c & 30c : give two to three daily until improvement seen.  For long term conditions, this may be lowered when improvement seen.  1M & 200c potencies are often given more sparingly (once daily or twice weekly) OR more frequently following trauma (ie Arnica 200c once every 15 minutues during first hour until improvement seen) OR for behaviour problems once half an hour before event and another just prior to event.   Homeopathic vets listed at  and guidelines are as recommended by Tim Couzens MRCVS (Homeopathy for Horses) 

Homeopathics should never be stored or put close to any form of electromagnetic energy such as mobile phones or computers, as this can effect the potency.