• Natural healthy herbal treat
  • No molasses
  • No added sugar
  • Safe for Cushing's, laminitics, EMS horses & ponies
  • Wonderful prize or gift
  • They all come running for their Herballs!! - Image Tony Stromberg
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Treats for Horses

These delicious treats are a customer favourite! Herballs contain NO added sugars, molasses, artificial flavours, or colourants and are the safe and healthy way to give your horse or pony a a real 'treat'. Because they contain NO added sugars or molasses they are absolutely safe to give to " good doers, Cushing's, Laminitics, or EMS horses and ponies. 

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The most natural way to give your horse a treat.  Our fantastically tasty Herballs are completely...
from £2.25
Multi-pack for retailers - 40 of our 400g bags of fantastic tasty sugar and molasses free Herball Treats....
from £48.52