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Special Support for Dogs

We understand that our customers have a unique relationship with their dogs, and of course every dog is special, but from time to time some of them need that extra bit of care, support and attention. In our Special Support section we have canine herbal supplements that have been specifically formulated to help support these 'special needs' dogs, maintain their quality of life, restore the natural balance and encourage them back to full health. So if you have an elderly dog who struggles to shed his coat, one whose immunity needs that extra bit of support, an elderly bitch who can no longer remain dry overnight, or one who struggles during the pollen season, one of our mixes may be just what you are looking for, to help that special canine friend in your life. Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer for your 'Special Needs' dog. "

A dog wags its tail with its heart" - Martin Buxbaum

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A pure dried herbal product that has been used successfully by many of our customers to help their dogs...
from £8.80
Dogs may occasionally need extra support to help maintain a healthy and efficient immune system...
from £8.30
Many of us have experienced not only the distress caused to our bitches or elderly entire dogs when they...
from £14.75
Formulated originally for a Veterinary Surgeon to help support his clients' German Shepherd dogs, this...
from £14.75
To support normal, healthy, kidney and urinary function in dogs of all ages. Click here to see our KD...
from £14.75
A fine powder made from the inner bark of the Red Elm tree, from the USA. - Top human grade  Slippery...
from £18.50