Herbal supplements to:

  • Maintain respiratory integrity
  • Support resistance to allergens
  • ''Six '' - horses galloping neck and neck, heads extended, nostrils flared as they race across the plains - Image by Tony Stromberg
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Respiratory Supplements for Horses & Ponies

The effectiveness of your horse or pony’s respiratory system is affected by a number of factors, including viral or bacterial infections, lowered immunity, poor air quality, or seasonal airborne allergens such as pollen. Any of these can lead to respiratory irritation, behavioural problems, a reduction in respiratory health, lung function or ability to perform.  We have a range a range of pure herbal supplements and fast-acting liquid solutions to maintain healthy lungs, airways, sinuses and resistance to environmental allergens.

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Freeway is formulated to: help support healthy & efficient airways support resistance to irritants...
from £23.50
Freeway Gold is a liquid version of our popular dry mix and is formulated to help support healthy,...
from £23.00
With the reduction in air quality and the increased cultivation of some crops many horses and ponies...
from £25.00