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Nerves & Hormone Supplements for Dogs

Is your dog ?

  • A Show dog that has had a bad experience in the ring.
  • Terrified of loud noises, thunder or fireworks.
  • A " rescue"  that has lost trust in people
  • Hyper-active and just won't calm down.
  • Tense nervous, shy or anxious
  • Unpredictable

Our dry and liquid herbal supplements, Bach Flower essences, sprays and homoepathics can help you support your pet naturally. 

Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer for Calm and Confident dogs.

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Anxiety, stress, nervousness or uncharacteristic behaviour can be due to physical or emotional problems....
from £8.80
Use our concentrated liquid herbal supplement when quick absorption is required.  Anxiety, stress,...
from £9.76
A highly nutritious supplement for both nursing bitches and puppies to help pups make the transition...
from £10.50