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  • " Contemplation" - The calm and steady eye of a relaxed and confident horse, ready to respond to you. Image - Tony Stromberg
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Nerves & Hormone Supplements for Horses & Ponies

Despite our best efforts many horses and ponies have periods when they become stressed, tense, or nervous, many mares have behavioural or physiological changes during their seasons, and some geldings present 'riggy' behaviour.  These problems can be provoked by many things - bad treatment, changes in training and environment, or the stress of competition and training.  In Nerves & Hormones you will find a range of pure herbal dry and fast-acting liquid products to calm and relax your horse naturally without changing his or her essential personality.

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This tried-and-tested herbal calmer containing valerian, chamomile, and other calming herbs, will help...
from £23.00
Herbal supplement for use when a quicker absorption is required to help your horse maintain a calm...
from £23.00
Many mares, especially those that are very young or in poor condition, can exhibit excessive behavioural...
from £23.00
Use our proven herbal supplement to help your mare relax and maintain a healthy balanced hormonal and...
from £23.00
Why is it that horses always seem to sustain an injury when they are at their fittest?  Not only...
from £25.00