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Nerves and Hormone Supplements for Cats

Our cats are part of our family and, as such, we want to be confident our home offers them a safe and relaxed environment in which to hunt, eat, groom and sleep - which is the natural cycle of life for every cat.  Unfortunately some of our pets have not had a good start in life and come to us after being abandoned or badly treated.  Needless to say these cats will have their own emotional baggage and who can blame them if they appear fearful, anxious, aggressive or reluctant to trust us again?

Outside factors can also upset our companions and loud noises, fireworks, changes to routine or the introduction of a new cat or baby, can all impact on their emotional well-being and subsequently their physical health.

The natural way to maintain a steady, calm outlook and relaxed behaviour

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We all try to do the very best for our pets, providing a healthy diet, mental and physical stimulation,...
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