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General Health for Dogs

In our canine general health section you will find details on a wide range of canine herbal supplements, topical creams and lotions, antibacterial and anti fungal creams, colour enhancing shampoos as well as homeopathic's and Bach Flower Essences. 

We all know that throughout their lives every dog will experience occasional ill-health, infection, injury, and ultimately the effects of old age. By using Hilton Herbs canine supplements and natural healthcare products, in addition to a healthy varied balanced diet and regular exercise you can be sure your dog is getting all the help and support it needs to maintain optimum health and vitality throughout its life. 

Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer for a Healthy Dog.


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Eight of natures most effective plants brought together in a carefully formulated and balanced blend...
from £7.50
The very best of Sea and Soil!  Click here to see our Seaweed and Rosehip video. Providing a balanced...
from £5.50
Apple Cider Vinegar has a long tradition of use as a health food supplement for horses, farm animals...
from £4.75
Pure food-grade garlic granules, rich in bio-available sulphur, oil and B group vitamins, to help...
from £4.75
Astringent, cooling Witch Hazel is ideal for bathing minor wounds, abrasions and bruises or...
from £6.00
Seaweed harvested from the North Atlantic Scottish shores (Ascophyllum nodosum)  A natural supplement...
Web Offer: from £5.72
Open up the leaves of an Aloe Vera plant and you will find the rich cooling and slimy Aloe...
from £9.50
Pure Garlic oil in capsule form, Each of our capsules contains 1.05 mg of garlic oil.  Rich in bio-available...
Web Offer: from £17.50