• Ensure optimum digestion
  • Support liver & kidney function
  • Maintain hormonal balance & optimum bodyweight
  • Support the absence of gastric ulcers
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Pure Herbal Digestive Supplements for Horses & Ponies

A horse's digestive balance can easily be upset by factors such as stress, travel, competition, hormone levels, cereal-rich food, wormers, or just a change in environment!  In our Digestion section you will find a range of pure herbal supplements in dry or fast-acting liquid form to help you restore the balance and maintain normal digestion, healthy nutrient absorption, digestive pH balance, liver and kidney health, and normal bowel function - naturally!

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A herbal 'detox' mix to help support and maintain healthy function of your horse or pony's liver, kidneys...
from £21.50
When you are looking for a faster acting herbal supplement choose DeTox Gold to help support your...
from £23.00
A soothing and supportive herbal supplement for horses specifically formulated to maintain a healthy...
from £29.50
Specifically formulated for 'good doers', for horses and ponies that 'live on fresh air' or may...
from £14.00
A fine powder made from the inner bark of the Red Elm tree, from the USA. - Top human grade  Slippery...
from £18.50