Canine Supplements to help maintain

  • Healthy Digestion
  • Effective Digestive Absorption
  • Liver and Kidney function
  • Gut Balance




  • Honeycomb a Belgian Malinois tucking into some 'real food'
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Digestion Supplements for Dogs

You are what you eat. This may be an old adage, but it is true and applies equally to both people and animals. In recent years there has been an increasing trend in both the human and pet market towards the use of 'convenience' foods. This may appear to be a quick, cheap, and easy way to feed our dogs, but many of these products fall far short of providing a fresh, healthy, nutritious diet, and can ultimately lead to poor overall digestive function and a tendency to develop various other health issues. Obesity in dogs is on the increase and this is directly related to over feeding, reliance on convenience foods containing high levels of fat and salt, too many treats and lack of exercise. Obviously we can’t rectify all the effects of a poor diet or lack of exercise, but we can offer a variety of pure herbal canine supplements  that will help ensure your dog’s digestive system is maintained in the very best of health, whatever the age and whatever the routine.

Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer for Internal Health and Balance.

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Digest Support is a soothing, calming and supportive formula that has been specially formulated to help...
from £8.80
Some dogs may struggle to cope with the physical, environmental and dietary demands made on their...
from £8.30
Bach Flower Crab Apple Remedy: the "cleansing" Remedy can be used both internally and externally...
A highly nutritious supplement for both nursing bitches and puppies to help pups make the transition...
from £10.50
A fine powder made from the inner bark of the Red Elm tree, from the USA. - Top human grade  Slippery...
from £18.50